Friday, June 19, 2009

The Real Life of a Book Buyer

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, I'd like to share a link that was on the agent blog Pub Rants:

This is a post by the book-buyer Arsen KashKashian of the Boulder Bookstore breaking down his decisions to buy certain books, why he bought the number that he did, and why he may have passed on others.

Aside from Arsen having the most badass name ever, this is a fascinating look into how books are chosen to go on your local bookseller's shelves.

I'd love to hear what you guys think of the whole process. What questions does this bring up for you?

I was riveted by the thought that even though the booksellers think something is drivel, they will still buy it if it's popular enough.... as well as buy things they love even if they're not sure they will sell.

Good news? Scary news?

What do you guys think of this insight?


Anonymous said...

It really makes me wonder about my own book.

Will someone be interested enough to take a risk?

I know some books turn out to flops, while other small ones soar to the top of the charts. I myself think marketing has a lot to do with a books success, word of mouth, networking, book signing etc. Interesting post! I'm glad I' sifting through blogs today to catch up from the past few days!

Btw, yes he totally has the badass for life name! That's just awesome!

Rebecca Knight said...

I totally agree about the marketing aspect, Sara. You hear that today especially authors have to put on their business three piece suits and hit the streets after the book is actually written to get it to be a success.

I find this prospect exciting, because it feels like I have some small measure of control over my own success or failure, where so much is out of my hands with the rest of the process.

If I can do something to give myself a better shot, then hooray! I'm on it.