Friday, June 26, 2009

I'll Miss You, Michael Jackson

Man, yesterday sucked for celebrities. Farrah Fawcett passing away and Michael Jackson dying at age 50. Holy crap.

Michael Jackson was a huge part of my childhood, so his death affected me the most. I only knew Farrah from that poster with her in the red swimsuit and the one rerun of Charlie's Angels I've seen. Michael, I felt like I knew, at least a little, and I felt a pang that the King of Pop was really gone.

My dad was a huge MTV nut when I was a kid, so I remember watching the videos for "Bad," "Beat It," and "Billy Jean" over and over during summer vacation. "Thriller" scared the crap out of me when I was little, and then turned into my favorite music video of all time when I got old enough to appreciate it. And practice those awesome zombie dance moves.

I think what I'm going to miss is the Michael Jackson from my childhood--the one we loved from the '80s and early '90s. He's had such a tortured life, but those were the times when he really got to shine and I'd like to remember that versus all the weirdness later on.

I love his music, I love that he invented the Moonwalk (which I still can't do, although I continually try), and I love that damn sparkly glove.

I want to remember that part of him and ignore all the crazy that happened afterward.

Were you guys affected at all by yesterday's news?
What are your thoughts?
Edit: Holy crap, Billy Mays just died :(. What the f, universe??? This has got to stop.


Lisa and Laura said...

It's so sad, isn't it? I find it so surreal to hear the same media who condemned him as a monster a few years ago, now refer to him as a legend. He was definitely a tortured soul, hopefully he's finally found some peace.

Rebecca Knight said...

Exactly what I was thinking. So bizarre the way people always retract the awful things they've been saying about someone when they die.

I will miss the legend, though. I'm with you guys--he had one of the crappiest lives ever, so I hope he's found peace as well.

KLo said...

My daughter called to me, "Hey, Mom, Michael Jackson died!" My immediate response (and yes, I said this out loud, which I absolutely cannot believe) was, "He can't die! He's Michael Jackson!"

Despite his eccentricities, he was a brilliant musician and one of the most gifted performers of all time. He will never be forgotten.