Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Promotion: What Do You Do?

I read a wonderful interview today over at the Cynsations blog that got me thinking about promoting books:

Author Sydney Salter talks about what she's done to promote her book MY BIG NOSE AND OTHER NATURAL DISASTERS. She links a lot of good writers' resources and talks about the importance of overcoming your shyness to get yourself out there. It's a must-read.

In this day and age, most of us have come to realize that book promotion is going to land almost entirely on our shoulders, which leaves us asking... what do we do now?

I've read a few great books on the subject, including Steve Weber's PLUG YOUR BOOK, Lissa Warren's THE SAVVY AUTHOR'S GUIDE TO BOOK PUBLICITY, and Jaqueline Deval's PUBLICIZE YOUR BOOK. I highly recommend these if you are looking for a place to start gathering info.

However, I find the most helpful tips come from authors themselves. You can see case-in-point what's working and what's not by following their careers and reading interviews.

What do you guys think? For those of you who are published, what efforts do you make to promote your work?

For those who are striving, what do you plan to do when the time comes? :)


Abby said...

Plans? I'm supposed to have plans? I'm afraid I must limit myself to one obsession at a time. :)

Thanks for the great info!

Scott said...

QueryTracker had a good post last week about building your platform.

My plans were always to do a new blog once I found an agent/editor/publisher. Now, I've decided to devote one post per week to my current PIQ (project in query). This way,when the time comes to do an official blog, I'll have all the stepping stones in place. : )


Rebecca Knight said...

Abby--good point! ;) Moderation in all things, even obsession. Lol.

Scott--I'm officially stalking.. uh.. I mean "following" your blog now. I'm already loving it!

Lazy Writer said...

Well, I'm not published yet, but I agree with Scott. QueryTracker had an awesome post about building a platform. I just figured blogging was a start, we'll see what happens from here!