Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Positivity Tuesday!

Why Positivity Tuesday, you ask?

It's easy to get discouraged while trying to revise, start a new project, get an agent, sell a book, or just actually get to the gym ever. I've had a hell of a week, and it's only Tuesday, so I wanted to take a moment to smell the roses and then share them with you guys.

Here are some happy thoughts that help me when I'm feeling less-than-positive about the writing/publishing process:

1) Rejections on full manuscripts are like getting a free professional Beta Reader for your project. Feedback is invaluable :).

2) Agents drink just as much Bourbon/Scotch as I do. And are darn proud of it!

3) If you are reading Agent Blogs or hanging out on the Query Tracker forums, you are already about 50% ahead of the competition. BOOYAH GRANDMA!

4) Wallowing in the rejection pool with other people is an awesome way to make friends. I love you guys!

5) If you think about it... and kind of squint... a slush pile is like a big hug for your query made out of paper.

6) Everyone out there is as nervous as you are. It's okay to be nervous, and agents get it. It's the writing that counts!

7) You CAN learn to be a better writer. Practice pays off!

8) Query piles = hilarious stories via agent blogs. My favorites are on http://jetreidliterary.blogspot.com/. Read the tag "Annoy Me," and get ready to build some Self Esteem!


10) So what if it's hard? If it were easy, everyone would do it.

And then we wouldn't be so AWESOME.

I'd love to hear your happy thoughts in the comments, too! :) Share the goodness!
I hope that you have an amazing Tuesday and rest of your week. God speed, everyone!


Abby said...

Very cool, Becca! Just what I needed to end my day of sucky news.

#5 made me laugh out loud.

#9 is one of the best movie lines ever and is heard on a regular basis at my house. Love that movie!

This is my thought for today: Something will happen. May not be what I want to happen, probably won't be what I want to happen, but something will happen. Craptastic stuff is usually followed by good stuff, right? Sorry, that's as optomistic as I can get today. :)

Word verification: azzatard--I'm too tired to come up with a definition, but it made me laugh, so I had to share.

Yunaleska said...

Great way to boost our confidence - thank you!

Stephanie said...

Fabulous blog!!!!!! So so true!!! I truly feel we never stop learning and perfecting our craft. Even the most famous of authors look back at past published works and cringe...wish they could fix them.

Anonymous said...

I love this post...YAY!!! LOVE IT!!!

Rebecca Knight said...

Yay!! Thanks, guys :). Nothing makes you feel cheerier than cheering others a tiny bit.

Abby--I'm glad I could help your sucky day. Hope today (Wed) was way better!

Yunaleska, Steph, Christine--thanks, guys!! I hope your writing weeks are going fabulously. Keep it up!

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