Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday!

Hello, Blog Friends!

I hope you all had fantastic Labor Day weekends and did much relaxing!

As some of you may have noticed, I unplugged as much as possible over the past four days because it was my husband's birthday weekend as well. YAY! We sat around, him playing video games until his eyes bled and me reading beside him and getting him beers (this was my present to him.) So the good news is that I'm not dead. I was just relaxing with my family, something we all need now and again.

I didn't get much done last week because of all the leisure, so now it's ON for the next few days! I'm at the point where I'm waiting on some fabulous critique buddies to get back to me, and am rereading my manuscript to see if it flows as a book and is ready to see the light of day.

It's almost query time! I'm very excited and also really nervous :). It's all in a good way. I feel very ready for whatever comes my way.

How were your weeks and weekends? Any exciting progress to report?

P.S. I just got CATCHING FIRE (the sequel to THE HUNGER GAMES) in the mail and am dancing with barely repressed glee. It's like Christmas! No one ruin it for me, or I'll have to take you out, Katniss-style! *runs off and starts reading*


Abby said...

I bought CATCHING FIRE on the day it was released and let my son read it first. Which, of course, makes me the best mom ever! ;) I was in the middle of another series, or I probably wouldn't have done that, but we won't tell him that. Heehee.

My revisions are close, and thanks to your help, I think my ending is much, much better. But I think I've said that before, so we'll see. ;D

Good luck on finishing up! I hope you're there soon. I know I'm tired of being close and just want to be done already.

Annie Louden said...

Haha! I love how you and your husband spent his birthday. That was very sweet.

I've heard a lot about this Hunger Games. Maybe I'll get it from the library.

Yunaleska said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Cheering you on for the entry to queryland!

I take it you have a new wip to work on while you're subbing?

TereLiz said...

Hey, she's not dead after all! ;)

Good of hubby to give you a break, I know all that prolonged exposure to radiation makes him thirsty, lol.
(It's not Infamous, is it? That's the current PS3 mania enthralling my household.)

So tell us about what you've got lined up for your next WiP, won'tcha? ;)

Rebecca Knight said...

You guys are great :). See? I missed this, even though I was only away a few days!

Abby--Thanks for the luck, and you are a better woman that I am. I think I would fight off any children who wanted the book first!

Annie--If you get it, don't expect to sleep until it's done. Or sleep fitfully, wishing you were still reading ;).

Yuna & Tere--Thanks for the love! I actually am about 5K into a new dystopian fantasy book, HOLLOW LAND. I thought I was ready to query a few months ago and started it up. I can't wait to get back to it because I love it already. More to come soon ;)!

Also, it was Arkham Asylum, the new Batman game. Hours upon hours of Batmanny goodness!

ElanaJ said...

My copy of Catching Fire just shipped yesterday! Can't wait to get it! And relaxing with the family is time well spent. Have a fun time!

Rebecca Knight said...

Thanks, Elana! Enjoy the book ;). Maybe we'll have to chat about it's awesomeness later on.

TereLiz said...

I forgot to say I already finished Catching Fire last week, but I can't say a thing about it because then I'll just explode with awesome-ness all over your nice clean blog.