Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tell-the-Truth Tuesday!

Okay, it's confession time.

Today is the release date for THE HOLLOW, the debut of Jessica Verday Querytracker.net's first ever success story!

My confession?

When I first saw this picture on Jessica's blog of her staring longingly at her own books in an actual bookstore, all I could think about what how AWESOME it would be when I'm published to get a giant stack of my novels and roll around in it like Scrooge McDuck.

As you can see from this picture (taken straight from my brain), my books have "sparkly magic" on the cover, because I recently read that "sparkly magic" takes the cake for #1 Image on Fantasy Book Covers These Days.

Also, apparently I've become some kind of banker for pirates, because otherwise I'm not sure where all the gold came from. Even in my fantasies, I have no illusions of becoming rich as an author.

Anyway, I learned today that rolling around in piles of my own bound novel cackling with merriment and tossing them up into the air until they rain painfully down upon my face and chest...is my Writer Fantasy.

(Also notice that when I'm rolling in said book pile, my hair doesn't get messed up. It's my fantasy, so I do what I want!)

Any bizarre writer fantasies you'd like to get off your chests?

Oh, come on ;). Be honest. This is a safe place!

Also, anything you guys want to know about me? I'm feeling Truthful this Tuesday, so lay it on me!


Lisa and Laura said...

I love truthful Tuesday. The thing I fantasize about most is posting about our book deal on the blog. I haven't even gotten to the part where there are actual books yet!

Abby said...

I love this! Had a nightmare once about Scrooge McDuck and Sloth's mom from Goonies. Yeah, wierd. I still remember all of it, and it was like twenty years ago. Maybe I could turn it into a book. Hahaha! Just kidding.

Right now, I just fantasize about getting a request for a full and then the agent calling the next day and offering representation because s/he has already lined up a super awesome book deal. So, no delusions here. ;D

Good luck on your book bathing. :) It'll happen someday. Though it does seem like a waste of perfectly good books. Just saying. ;)

christine said...

Okay - so my fav book fantasy involves me and a book signing with another author who happens to be my best on-line writerly bud...seriously! I just love the idea of hanging out with her at OUR book signings...Mmmmm, now I'll never get that idea out of my head.

Yunaleska said...

Yup, mine's the day dream about getting an agent :)

Badass Geek said...

I dream of the moment when someone seeks me out to tell me that something I wrote helped them in some way.

Rebecca Knight said...

It's true that I have many, many author fantasies. This one was just the newest :D.

LiLa--when that day comes, I'm going to spit coffee onto my computer screen and shriek with delight for you!

Abby--Haha! Totally! That's an old favorite of mine as well. As long as we know we're delusional, I think it's okay ;). Lol.

Christine--so cool! Then you have a built-in wing man, too!

Yuna--so say we all!

Badass Geek--if/when that ever happens to me, I think I'll cry. How amazing would that be? Great dream :).

ElanaJ said...

I'd love to just hold my book. Stroke the cover. Yes, stroke. :)

Rebecca Knight said...

Mmmm, boooook. Absolutely, Elana! :D

FictionGroupie said...

I want to walk into every bookstore in my town, see my book on the shelf, and take a cheesy picture with me pointing at it vanna white style. That'd be awesome. :)