Monday, September 14, 2009

The Man's Been Keeping Us Down, Man.

Have you ever encountered those writers who tell you the reason they're not published yet is that the MAN (or "Big Bad Publishing Industry") is keeping them down?

Well, let me tell you a little secret I learned today.

Come on, don't be shy... Lean in as I whisper it in your ear....




I knew it!

The Rejectionist said so today on her blog. And take it from me: The Rejectionist never lies.

So, quickly Everyone! Grab your manuscripts and head for the hills! The only way to overthrow publishing's agent-driven, literature-crushing, tear-fed war machine is by living in a commune and distributing our manuscripts to one another hand scratched upon leaves and bound with forest vines. I've thought this through, and it seems like a solid way to stick it to The Man.


I'll bring snacks for when the Revolution comes :).

After all, no one likes to revolt on an empty stomach.


Abby said...

I'm in. I'll bring the chips and salsa. Those are must for any revolution. :)

Rebecca Knight said...

Excellent! Now if we can get Scott to bring margaritas, and LiLa to bring the twizzlers, we're all set! :D

Viva la revolution!

Scott said...

Margaritas will travel! Woo-hoo!

OMG, too funny. Waaaayyyy too funny!

We do have electricity at the commune, right? I mean, I like my margaritas on the rocks, but every now and then a frozen one is nice. Plus there's the whole I don't do well with heat or cold, I like things at a perfect temp all the time, plus hot showers, plus the convenience of a microwave, plus . . . hmmmm, maybe commune living isn't for me. Will someone do my laundry? : )

Too. Funny. Thanks.


Badass Geek said...

I'll bring along a few movies, just in case we get bored.

Mandy said...

LOL Hillarious post! At least we'll never be bored!

Rebecca Knight said...

Scott--if you carry the generator, I think we can accomodate you! :D

Badass Geek--sah-weet! But wait... will that take time away from our leaf scratchings??

Mandy--Too true! ;)

Scott said...

It's going to need to be an awfully big generator! ; )


TereLiz said...

LOL, I knew it was the man all this time!

Viva la commune with chips and salsa!

cipherqueen said...

I'll bring the chocolate cake! And some textbooks, too...

Kat Harris said...

Following this chain just made me wonder: If a writer followed every rule, would books read like legal documents?