Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday!

Happy work-in-progress Wednesday! It's still Wed, right? Better late than never :).

This week, I've been kickin' ass and takin' names!

I've edited my novel, LEGACY OF THE EMPRESS, fixed my ending scene, sent my ending scene off to my fabulous crit buddy, fixed my ending scene again, and re-edited parts that I'd changed.

Now, I'm rereading it (again) to make sure everything's together as a story and catching any last little edits, while my husband and another crit buddy check it out one last time.

I vowed to take it slowly and make sure it's as perfect as I can possibly make it before sending it out... and the beautiful thing is, I think I'm really close. After my last last edit, someone will have to slap it out of my hands so I can let it go and send it out into the world.

Of course, there's still a lot to be done :), so I'm not patting myself on the back just yet.

How are your weeks going? Any progress? Setbacks? Successes?

I'd love to hear about your projects!

May everyone have a blessed week.

Now, enough blog reading. Go kick some ass!


Yunaleska said...

I'm getting really excited for you! Nearly subbing time! Yay!

Scott said...


I'm still in the revision process with about 9,000 words still to eliminate . . . and only 3 chapters left to do it in. Hmmm, 3,000 words per chapter. I'm scared!

Other than that, jotted down some more notes on my new idea. I'm trying to keep some distance from that project right now, because once I finish revisions, I have to work on query, synopsis, oh and edits to another project. It never ends . . . and I'm glad.


Abby said...

Yea! You're so close!

After having a pretty nonproductive week, I actually got through 30 pages on my revisions yesterday! Woo hoo! Hooray for goals! :D

Badass Geek said...

I haven't made nearly as much time as I'd like to work on the projects I have. I need to stop procrastinating.

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

I haven't made nearly as much progress, however you are inspiring me. You go girl! My WIP post is

Lisa and Laura said...

We just had a major brainstorm that's going to require editing our first 20,000 words on the WIP AGAIN. So...we'll be doing some light editing this weekend and then writing shiny new words!

Congrats on your progress!

Rebecca said...

I finished my draft of my latest WIP weeks (months?) ago. Read through it, made some changes. Had my daughters read it, then did some minor revisions. It's been sitting for a while now, so I just opened it up today to read through it again. And I still love it, even though I haven't gotten all the way through it with this read-through. I'm sure I will make some more changes, but I'm hoping to hear back from a crit buddy before I decide on anything major. Hopefully that will be soon!

Rebecca Knight said...

Yuna--Thanks so much! I'm excited, too :).

Scott--I believe in you :D. Go kick 9k in the bum!

Abby--NICE! You rock!

Badass Geek--you and the rest of us, dude. Good luck this week!

Robin--that is AWESOME! Glad I can help. Here's to impending progress!

LiLa--wow, I can't believe you guys are already so far! Good luck w/ the edits!

Rebecca--if you still love it after it's been percolating, that's a great sign!