Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog Chain: Writer by Fate or Choice?

It's Blog Chain time again!

This round, the topic was chosen by the ever-thoughtful Michelle:

Do you choose WHAT you do because of WHO you are? Or is who you are determined by what you do?

Before me, the ever-charming Cole gave her answer. Go check it out! :)

This was an interesting question, and I had to sit and stew on it awhile before coming up with my answer. I very much believe that while God has a plan for us and gives us certain talents to work with, we make our own choices and are the ones who determine our own success. You can give a kid all the advantages in the world, but ultimately, it's up to them to use them.

However, I know for a fact that I've always been a writer.

When I was four or five before I could write properly, I'd lie on the living room floor drawing stories with my crayons. I'd make little books with dozens of pages, illustrating a story even though I couldn't write it out. There was a very exciting rip off of Peter Pan, a story with parachuting tarantulas, several where I was a mermaid and had mer-adventures... you get the picture ;).

The fact that I was determined to make books and tell stories at such a young age convinces me that I've always been this way. Weird, right?

I wrote short stories in elementary school and won some awards. I wrote through high school (and dabbled in horrible, whiny poetry.) I wrote throughout college. And here I am.

I am not myself because I randomly chose at some point to start writing. Writing chose me before I could even put words to paper.

So, what the heck does that mean?

Are we pre-determined to do certain things and can never re-define who or what we are?

I don't really think so.

I think we each are given talents and personality traits, and then are left to do with them what we may. Writing turned out to be my passion, but it's possible that it was because the two parts of me, personality and talent, mixed to create a life long pursuit. I chose it as much as it chose me.

I'm gifted in other areas, but I haven't chosen to pursue them like writing. They didn't feel like they were my destiny--what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. What I was meant to do.

Do you have a desiny? :)

I believe that we all do, but we have to choose it.

We have to decide whether or not we take the opportunities and gifts given us and do something with them.

Am I a born writer, or did writing change me?

I suppose my answer is BOTH :).

Now, next up is the ever-fabulous Kate! Don't miss her answer, coming up tomorrow!

What do you guys think about this question? Did the writing come first, or the writer?


B.J. Anderson said...

Such a great take on this topic! And I totally agree with the whole, make it happen attitude. Even if you were born to be a writer, you won't get anywhere unless you do the work! Great post!

christine said...

Fav quote of the night..."Writing chose me!" Love that. Great post Rebecca.

Michelle McLean said...

I love that we all seem to feel like we've always been writers :) And I agree - "Writing chose me" is an awesome quote! That one is going on my wall :D

Scott said...

Great post and question.

I believe things happen for a reason, and wehn they're meant to happen.

I also think that life boils down to one, simple thing: choice. The choices we make definie who we are, and what we do, in this life.

I never had the dream to be a writer. It just sort of happened one day. Now, I've always had an overactive imagination. I was always going to wild and exciting places, doing wicked cool things, and living a grand life . . . in my mind. So, yeah, maybe from the earlies age I was a writer, but I never said 'hey, when i grow up, i'm gonna be a writer'. Not once. Never gave the idea a thought . . . until I was almost 20 and began to write a story. Yup, that's how it happened.

Perhaps Fate gave me a not so gentle nudge (really a shove), or, perhaps, it was just time for me to start writing.

Whatever the case, my decision to write was a choice I made, and one I don't regret. I love this crazy writing journey.


Mandy said...

Wow! Everyone's posts have been so great, I have no idea what I'm going to say now. Rebecca, that was a great way to delve into this subject! I got a nurture vs. nature feel from your answer. Very philosophical!

Rebecca Knight said...

Hahaha, Mandy! My original title had "nature versus nurture" in it!

Thanks for all the kind comments! This was such a great subject with so much potential for conversation. I can't wait to read the other links in the blog chain!

Eric said...

Great post. I really like your viewpoint on the subject, and I don't think it's a stretch for you to answer both. I'm just glad you (or writing...or both) have decided to make it your life. Nice job.

Delisa said...

I enjoyed reading the post and all the comments. When I was young I never said I wanted to be a writer. I really enjoy writing. It doesn't matter what I'm writing. I love the feel of a pen sliding across the paper and being able to express myself through words. Now that I am grown up I do say that I want to be a writer!

ElanaJ said...

I've enjoyed reading the posts on this, because I was the instigator of the topic. It's evolved so much as different people put their skew on it.

For me, I've never felt like writing was something I was supposed to do. It never chose me. I choose it. So I wonder what it would be like to be a writer that writing chose. I don't know what that feels like.

And so I go off to think some more...

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

I love "writing chose me before I could even put words to paper". How cool is that? Great take on this topic!

Cole Gibsen said...

What a great answer, Rebecca. I, too, love your quote ;)

Sarah Bromley said...

I really enjoyed your answer and found this line really resonated with me; "I'm gifted in other areas, but I haven't chosen to pursue them like writing. They didn't feel like they were my destiny--what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. What I was meant to do." As a person who is talented with music, writing, and several art forms, the one that gives me the most satisfaction is writing.

Kat Harris said...

I have some of that whiny poetry from high school, too. It's great for a laugh now.

Great response!

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

New to your blog, and laughing, laughing, laughing.

I think I will begin to do all my blogging from here on out while wearing cool, evil goggles!

Shaun Hutchinson said...

I love this answer. That you chose writing as much as it chose you. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Love the personal stories. :)