Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Party In Progress Wednesday!

I'd like to stop and say CONGRATULATIONS!!! to my fella today.

This awesome Wednesday, my husband was promoted. He very much deserves it, and I am incredibly proud of the hard work he does to provide for our little family. I couldn't ask for a better guy :D.

He is an amazing steward of all that we've been blessed with, and a wonderful partner through this life.

Right now, needless to say, we are PARTYING!

I invite you right now, to give a SHOUT OUT to anyone you'd like to celebrate today! My shout out is the the Incredible Mr. Knight! Is there anyone you'd like to give thanks for?

Please, leave some love in the comments for anyone who needs a SHOUT OUT, or anyone who just needs a public pat on the back :).

Happy Wednesday, All!


cipherqueen said...

Shouting out to my awesome mom who overworks herself past the sanity line! And hooray for Mr. Knight! (I love that last name...:))

christine said...

Hooray for your fella - AWESOME! As for my shout out...I have to say HEYYYYYY to my fab crit partners for being the amazin and awesome partners ever. Even when my stuff is a mess, they help me piece it back to together and convince me the story is fab. I couldn't do it w/o them!

Love it!

Yunaleska said...

That's great news!

Shout out to my anonymous beta-reader. I have so much to work with now, and she's fantastic :D

Lisa and Laura said...

Congrats to your hubs!!!

TereLiz said...

Coming late to the party, but YAY! Congratulations, Mr. Knight!