Monday, April 6, 2009

New Contest On Dar Intarweb!

Superstar agent, Nathan Bransford, just posted an interesting contest on his blog. In response to the recent #Agentfail posts, he's giving US a chance to not only post our queries on his website, but to step into the shoes of an agent for a week.

You heard right--he wants us to feel the pain/thrill of strapping on the hip waders and stomple out into the slush pile. If you sent your query (real or pretends) to, he will choose 50 or so to put up on the website for us to sift through. Our challenge (should we choose to accept it) is to pick 5 out of the 50 to request full manuscripts from, and to send tasteful "no thanks" replies to the others.

Not only is this an opportunity for us to "get" what it's actually like on the other side of this process, but this as an amazing chance to see how we stack up in the real world against other authors. I emailed my query today hoping for some feedback from my peers.

Afraid? Maybe :). Excited? TOTALLY.

As a rebuttle to the outpouring of author-rage recently, I think this is an amazing solution. After all, who can gripe after walking a mile in another's shoes?

So, who's game?

For more details, please see Nathan's post at

Let the games begin!

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