Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is in the Air!

Hello, friends!

I have presents for you today, in the spirit of the holiday :), because I love you all!

First a gift for those of you who are tired of family members and co-workers asking "Are you published yet??" It's a blog post from the lovely INTERN detailing why everything in publishing happens at a snail's pace. Please feel free to email it, or just print it out and hand it around the table at your next family gathering. You're welcome!

Next, a present for the romantics among us. You know who you are, you adorable things, you! (It's okay to come out of the closet... I'm one of you.) Jessica Faust over at Bookends has tributes to romance from romance writers themselves!

For those among us who like our sweets a little bitter, a wonderful, well thought out article on sexism in the writing world by RAMPANT author Diana Peterfreund. At first it will piss you off a little, but if you're anything like me, you'll feel warm fuzzies knowing that awesome writers like Diana are bringing attention to subjects such as these. Rock on, lady authors! And rock on male readers who love them!

Lastly, the yummiest treat of all: THE COVER OF THE NEXT HUNGER GAMES BOOK!!!!


I know.

I can't wait, either :).

Also, sorry for deafening you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

*Make sure you've entered my BOOK LOVE CONTEST before Valentine's Day! I'm picking winners of fabulous prizes (including a giftcard, book, critique, bookmarks, coffee, and chocolate--Could it get any better??) on 2/15/10!


Lisa and Laura said...

That video at the end of Diana's post was AWESOME. Kick. Ass. Thanks for the links, Becca!

Tara said...

Great links, thanks! I blogged last week about happy endings and why I love them, nice to read a handful of others who shared my happily ever after outlook :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for all the goodies! I can't wait for Mockingjay to come out!

Rebecca Knight said...

You're welcome, guys! I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year weekend :D!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Hi, Rebecca! Thanks for joining my contest at Book Dreaming. I love making new blog friends! Good luck. :-)

Crystal Escobar said...

Hey, I'm visiting you from SITS :)
Great blog, and I'll definitely be checking out those links, and entering your giveaway. If you get a chance will you enter mine? I'm trying to help a friend get the word out about her cute jewelry :)
I'm your newest follower.

Shelli said...

cant wait til hunger games but dont like this new cover. I think they should have stuck with the black and red theme,