Friday, February 5, 2010

Amazon Vs. MacMillan: The E-Pocalypse is Nigh!

The big drama in the publishing world this week, came from Amazon removing all the "buy" buttons from MacMillan books on their site. MacMillan was in talks with Amazon, suggesting a new e-book pricing model, and Amazon reacted by basically black-balling them. They haven't let up yet, and the MacMillan/Tor authors are reaping the consequences.

If you haven't been following this e-book battle, check out the links below.

For a basic overview of what happened, agent Kristin Nelson breaks down what happened. John Scalzi, an awesome MacMillan author effected by this... incident... speaks out Here, awesomely calls for author support Here, and updates us on how this effects him and others like him Here.

The SFWA makes a stand Here, and Kristen Nelson has another update, and a letter from John Sargent, the CEO of MacMillan Here. Agent Jessica Faust talks about how this effects authors Here, and there's a lovely post on how Amazon's actions utterly screw all of us, consumer, publishers, and writers alike, Here.

I urge you guys, if you're buying a book anytime soon, to please consider supporting MacMillan authors during this time. They are the ones caught in the middle of an argument between publishing entities, and suffering for it, despite having no control.

Please check out if you're looking for a great indy bookstore to purchase from instead of Amazon :). Buy a MacMillan/Tor book today, and make a difference for those authors. I know they'd really appreciate it!

Also, if you happen to buy any books, let me know in the comments, for a chance to win my fabulous Book Love Contest! It ends 2/14/10, so get your book love in now :).

How do you guys feel about this Amazon/MacMillan bruhaha?

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