Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do You Love Books? PROVE IT! (A Contest)


The lovely Bek joined our motley crew, becoming my 100th Follower!

You know what this means, right?

Awww, yeah--it's CONTEST TIME, baby!

To celebrate being 100 Cool People Strong, I wanted to reward Book Love, and see if we can't support some authors while giving away fabulous prizes.

What are these fabulous prizes you ask?

1) First place gets a $25 gift card to a book retailer And choice of *Reading Companion (see below for details.)

2) Second place gets choice of either a gently loved copy of SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater or a Synopsis Critique by Yours Truly, and a choice of *Reading Companion!

3) Third place gets whatever's left (SHIVER or Synopsis Critique) and choice of *Reading Companion!

"So how the heck do I win already?" I hear you yelling at your computer screens. Patience, and I'll tell you!

There are multiple ways to get points and show BOOK LOVE :).

1) Already be a follower of this blog and comment in this post (1 pt!)

2) Become a follower and comment in this post (1 pt!)

3) Blog about this contest to drum up Book Love, and link to it in the comments (2 pts!)

4) Take a photo of yourself with your home library, and link to it in the comments (3 pts!)

5) Take a photo of yourself carrying a book to an unusual place or doing something hilarious w/ said book(s) (link in comments) (4 pts!)

6) Take a photo of yourself buying a book in an actual bookstore (link in comments) (5 pts PER BOOK!)

7) Review a book on your blog or on Amazon and link us to it (5 pts PER BOOK!)

8) Write an author to tell him/her you love them (honor system/tell us in the comments) (5 pts PER AUTHOR!)

So as you can see, there are lots of ways for points to add up :).

*"Reading Companion" prize choices (you may pick one of the following if you're a winner):

1) Fancy bookmark

2) Coffee**

3) Chocolate!

This contest will be going strong until Valentine's Day, so get crackin! After that, I will put all your points into a hat and pick some winners! The more book love you display, the greater your chances to win!

I can't wait to see all the Book Love you guys pay forward :). Thanks for being awesome!

** This part used to say "small bottle of booze," but I changed it after realizing I have no way to check ID that isn't totally unfun and lame. So, everyone likes coffee, right? Even kids? Eh? Eh? They did in World War II! My grandparents said so. Coffee it is!


Lisa and Laura said...

So creative! I love this contest. Congrats on 100!!!

Bek said...

Yay, I'm your 100!!! Woohoo:)

Rebecca Knight said...

LiLa: Thanks, guys! :D

Bek: YAAAY! Also, nice blog :)!

Rebecca said...

I love books, I love contests, I love chocolate!

Nisa said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on 100! Books, chocolate? Mmmm!

Bek said...

Aw, thanks:) I love yours, too!

Steena Holmes said...

What a fantastic idea for a contest :) I love the ideas! I just read a book called "Sarah's Key's" and thought about writing the author to tell her the impact ... now is a perfect time to do so!

Rebecca Knight said...

Rebecca: Then you've come to the right place!

Nisa: Thanks :D! You guys are what made me fall in love w/ blogging.

Bek: If you email me, I'll send you chocolate just for being #100! :)

Steena: YAY! I'm so excited that you're going to do that now. The book love is already happening :). You rock!

Sandra said...

Congrats on 100 followers! Now I have to tidy up my office/library so I can take a picture of it!

Rebecca Knight said...

Ooh! I'm excited to see our first picture! :)

Amanda Acton said...

I personally think coffee is horrid stuff. :P

Anonymous said...

How do you always have awesome contests! And all these ideas to show book love is great! Not to mention helping out people like us!

I will have to be taking some pics soon...good deadline time by the way! =D

Hope your doing well!

Scott said...

Sure, drive home the guilt because I didn't do a contest when I reached 100 followers last week, or the week before, or whenever it was recently. Fine. I see how you are!


Do I still get my 1 pt??

Cole Gibsen said...

Fun contest and great idea!

Elana Johnson said...

Excellent contest, Rebecca! :)

Sandra said...

OK, Rebecca, I just blogged about your contest and posted pictures of me with my library. Five points, please! I did take pictures of some books I bought today, but I didn't include myself in the picture.

Rebecca Knight said...

I love your photos! Nice shelves, Sandra! ;)

cipherqueen said...

Told two authors how wonderful they are, even though one of them isn't published yet. (I have great faith in her) GO BOOKS! Oh, and I added an I READ badge to my blog. ;) I design a bunch if you want one.

Crystal Escobar said...

Am I too late? Well, I'm a follower :)

Rebecca Knight said...

Cipherqueen: You rock ;)!

Crystal: Welcome, and thanks for following! :D You are officially entered!