Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tell the Truth Tuesday!

It's that time again, folks!

Time to spill what's been on your chests this past week. So, step into the confessional! Don't worry, I'll go first ;).

1) I find Jamie from Mythbusters strangely attractive. Yeah, I have no idea. He's like some kind of crazy viking. I think maybe his manliness is magnified when he's standing next to Adam, which makes him exponentially attractive. It's a theory!

2) I have never had a really good cupcake. From e-stalking following agent blogs, I've noticed a lot of New Yorkers love them some cupcakes. I've only had the kind that come from terrifying Cupcake Cakes, so I suspect I'm missing out. Where *does* one get a good cupcake?

3) I have some "art" on my cubicle wall that I've been crafting from tea bag wrappers. It's like a border of Berryblossom White Tea wrappers around some Awake Black Tea paper tabs... it's on ongoing project, really. I think I need a new office passtime.

4) I bought a calendar with dragons on it. According to me, they are no longer just for middle schooler boys or metal heads with neck beards!

5) I had an embarrassing moment involving my relatives and the Wii this weekend. I was trying out my mom's new Wii Fit (hooray for family time and burning calories!), and we decided to have a hoola-hoop competition. For those of you who have never subjected yourselves to this humiliation fun-tastical game, you basically stand on a board and gyrate like you are hoolahooping.

Now, my mom couldn't quite get it right and asked me for help, as I was the current Make Believe Hoolahoop Champion. For the next few minutes I showed my mom with hip movements exactly how to do this maneuver correctly... and then realized what was happening. I was reenacting the scene from Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swayze shows Jennifer Gray how to bump and grind. WITH. MY. MOM.

I was scarred for life. Then I told her that I no longer wanted to pelvic thrust like Johnny Castle, and we both laughed until we cried.

What is the truth YOU need to confess this week?


ali said...

That was holy-awesome-funny.

Why have I never been here before? I'll be bahck (said like Arnold, of course)

And I'm totally with ya on #1. Tho I suspect your theory is bang on ;)

Rebecca Knight said...

Haha, thanks, Ali! And YAY! Good to know I'm not alone in the Jamie-love ;).

Nisa said...

Haha! Nothing like family time for good laughs. I love that!

KarenG said...

Here's the truth. That photo looks an awful lot like Utah author David J. West!

coffeelvnmom said...

I think the boxed or homemade cupcake frosting is the best. Frosting can make or break a cupcake.;)

And I haven't tried hula-hooping but I did try skiing with my kids once...wasn't even close to the real thing and I looked insane (and did terrible).

You've received the "Happy" award. Check out "I'd Like to Thank the Happy Academy" at http://coffeelvnmom.blogspot.com/ =)

A. Grey said...

I admit it, I'm all about Jamie as well. The man is magnetic.

The cupcake thing is something I'm grasping. Being from the south, I'm used to everything from hamburger to cherries and chocolate coming in a pie. I will say that I've heard Kristin Cashore and folks over at her blog talk about a cupcake place in Boston.

I have never wiied myself. I HAVE however watched my identical twin and three cousins flap like drunk chickens while trying to fly birds of some kind...

My truth today? I'm going to write for the first time in FIVE days, because I've had the flu and today is the first time I've felt like BREATHING again! :D

Oh, and I'm watching a MonsterQuest marathon... laugh all you want, I'll be prepared when someone eventually finds something.

Rebecca Knight said...

Nisa: I'm still recovering ;).

KarenG: I just googled him, and you are totally right!

Coffeelvnmom: Thanks for the award! :D Good point about the frosting, too. Too much bad frosting = gnarly cupcake.

AGrey: Good luck with your writing! Also, "I've never wiied myself" made me snicker out loud.

KarenG said...

Only David's better-looking than this guy whoever he is. I don't watch much tv--so there, that's my tell the truth. I used to but no more.

Elana Johnson said...

ROTFL! Thanks for all this truth.

And I just recently found Mythbusters, and it's a great show!

Stephanie said...

LOVE IT! Dirty Dancing is my all-time fav movie!!!!!

Me, I'm shamelessly awaiting the arrival of my NKOTB "Coming Home" concert DVD. Ordered it weeks ago...will be shipping last week of Jan! Also I'm planning twp trips to Walt Disney World...one for just hubby and me in April and one with the kiddos in December.

Rebecca Knight said...

KarenG: See, that's probably a good thing!

Elana: Any time ;). Mythbusters is one of my favorites!

Stephanie: AHAHA! I love your truths! (I used to love Joey best in NKOTB.)

Lizzy Mason said...

Rebecca, how do you feel about baking? B/c if you email me at Lizzymason21[at]yahoo[dot]com, I might be able to help make your dreams of trying one of the tastiest NYC cupcakes come true! :)

And I love Jamie from Mythbusters, too. But I love Adam Richman from Man vs. Food more!

Kate Karyus Quinn said...

LOL on re-enacting the scene from Dirty Dancing! I have seen that movie so many times I know the exact moment you are talking about.

Rebecca Knight said...

Lizzy: OOh! I love baking :D. I'll have to take you up on that. Also, great taste ;). I love Adam, too! Any man who can eat 5lbs of pizza and not die is impressive.

Kate: AHAHA! I knew someone would know!

Kristi said...

Love the photo and the post! Great blog!

...and I've totally been there...only in public during an aerobics class. I could barely walk at work the next day..not a pretty sight!

Rebecca Knight said...

Ooh, I'm there right now, Kristi. Glad I'm not alone!