Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Picture Week: Chip Away at It!

Something I've come to realize that I'd like to share with you guys is that if you do just a tiny bit each day... it really, really adds up :). Rocket science, I know, but seriously--how often do we think about that?

More often than not, I'll beat myself up over not having done as much as I thought I should have. Oh no! I only wrote 500 words and I wanted to write 1000. Oh no! I only wrote 1000 words and I wanted to write 2000.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The truth is, if I write 250 words a day, but I do it consistently, I'll get a lot further than guilting myself out and avoiding writing altogether, for fear of meeting our old friend Failure.

If I write more, then yay! :) If not, then at least I chipped away at it.

How do you guys set about reaching your goals? Are you a quick writer, or do you chip away?


Dawn Embers said...

I do both. Some weeks I chip away, like right now. While other times I do massive writing (nanowrimo and march novel writing month). The most I've done is 50k in 15 days, which was insane. Right now I'm doing a couple of short, handwritten pages a day at most with 150/page average. Both work out in the end because I couldn't do either one for too long.

Jamie Grey said...

I actually had this realization today about my wip - I've been chipping away, doing snippets here and there as I have time, and I was shocked to see I'd written 10k in a week, not even trying!

I did try to do nano last year, and got totally burnt out, so I think I must be a chipper :)