Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tell the Truth Tuesday!

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of queries, I shall fear no rejections..."


It's that time again, my lovely readers: Time to step into the confessional! That's right--it's Tell the Truth Tuesday!

Here are my truths for this week:

1) I straight up forgot to blog yesterday. And I feel bad for neglecting you! Seriously, I take one "unplugged" week, and it goes straight to my head. Unbelievable :P.

2) I spent at least an hour last night thinking of my "signature style" at the prompting of a YA book. I'm reading an ARC of Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy, and there is much talk about picking a style that is distinctly "you" to help you feel comfortable in your own skin. I decided my signature style is "Casual, fun, and romantic." Yes, I actually picked adjectives and then wished I was a part of The Cinderella Society :). I hope Kay Cassidy lets me join!

3) I kiss my cat on the lips. I totally know how wrong it is, and that it makes me a borderline Crazy Cat Lady, but look at this face!

It totally started when he was a kitten, because awww, and now I still do it. And am ashamed.

4) I had a wardrobe malfunction today. I am lucky enough to wear jeans to work. However, my beloved jeans started getting a hole in an area you don't want to have a hole showing (inner upper thigh), so I patched it until I could go shopping. Today, the patch decided to not only come unstuck (it was the iron-on kind), but to krinkle up and try to eject itself from the thigh-hole while I was walking. Through Human Resources. *facepalm*

So not only did I have a huge hole in my pants today, but I also had a patch making a break for it. Dress for success, anyone? Yeaaaah.

5) I love really bad sci fi cover art. Like this:
Hehehehe. Seriously, I could look at that all day.

What truths do you guys have to confess this week?

*Note: To those of you wonderful people who have recently given me blog awards or tagged me, I do love you, but have gotten woefully behind in... well... life, so I haven't posted these yet. I'll be trying to share the love this week :). Thank you all!


Stina Lindenblatt said...

Hmmm. Well. Hmmm. Testing. Is this mike on? *scratches head*

I guess I can't think of anything to confess. *squeezes eyes shut in case that helps* No nothing. Geez, am I really that boring? *walks off, head hanging*

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I accidentally killed my two Beta fish last night, by putting Huckleberry flavored water into their bowl when I thought it was purified water! Argh! Bad fish mama.

I like airport layovers.

I LOVE Barry Manilow! Love him! :-)

Dawn Embers said...

You think you're the cat lady. My mom and stepdad are the cat family over here. 7 indoors, 1 in another building and at least 4 outdoors that we feed. lol

We have a cat who looks kind of like the one in this blog. His name is Forest. Stepdad not only kisses him but shares his food. He lets the cat eat from his bowl of cereal while he's eating it. Not after, but during. Yeah.

Yay for cat people!

Anonymous said...

I use the dustbuster to vacuum the kitchen table after meals.

Before you gasp in horror know this...I have four year old twins and the mess they make while eating a sandwich or crackers is absolutely astounding :)


Latasha said...
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Rebecca Knight said...

Stina: Did you just come here to confess that your conscience is clean? ;) Because, that's cheating.

Shannon: I'm sorry to hear about your fish! I accidentally killed my beta, too, with filtered tap water. Those dudes are high maintenance! My condolences.

Dawn: Ewwww about the cereal! That is too funny, and by funny, I mean wrong ;).

Christi: Now that just sounds like good thinking to me!

Latasha: I'm really bad about lights-off movies, too. You're in good company!

Latasha said...

I keep the lights on when I watch Supernaturals….
Yes, I’m that much of a scaredy cat.

Steena Holmes said...

Ok .. keep this one quiet ok .. I 'accidentally' poured a few drops of Bailey's into my coffee today during my lunch break. It was a bad day today ... bad day. LOL

Ann said...

My truth for today, I have blank brain freeze. It isn't pretty! LOL!

Victoria Dixon said...

My truth for today, I lost faith. Yup. Since last night, I have questioned why God would give me the desire and need to do this, but not the capability. The immediate response is so I have to rely on Him, but then I have to question how I haven't been doing that! Is this just my insanity plea excuse? I did it because I wanted to be a writer. Enough said. I am so tired of trying. It exhausts me to know I will try again tomorrow. Sorry, I guess I needed to dump on people who will probably understand. The hubby's supportive, but he can't really understand.

Scott said...

My truth: I kiss my cats and dogs on the lips. Yes, I do! So, you're not alone in that endeavor.

My truth: I posted a picture on Facebook of the front of our house without paying too much attention to the picture until my sister in law asked me "who's that bending over and showing their @$$ in front of your house". Well, my poor partner was bending over and rolling up the hose while I was taking pictures. Luckily, I was far enough away that the whole in the back of his shorts in a not so good place didn't show . . . but still, got a mighty fine laugh out of that one. So, always, always, look at your pictures carefully before posting them.


Elana Johnson said...

Oh my heck! That cover is awful! I can't look away because it's sooooo bad!

Sorry about the wardrobe malfunction.

I wish I could eat a box of GS cookies right. now.

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

My rear end has dropped to the back of my knees. (see my blog post on St. John) Anyway, I ordered panties that come with a firm rear end insert. Sssssh! It was a birthday gift to myself.