Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tell the Truth Tuesday!

I'm now nearing the big 3-0 in age, and am beginning to see signs that I am, indeed, getting old.

Main signs I've noticed:

1) I broke my toe in a mosh pit when I was 14. Recently, I've noticed it aching. But not, just at any ol' time. Yes, it aches when it rains. I'm that person.

"A storm's a-brewin'! I can feel it mah old bones!"

2) I judge young people by their haircuts and fashion choices. I frequently roll my eyes at boys with emo hair and say "that kid looks like Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias. If only he knew."

"Cut your damn hair, you crazy kids!"

3) I no longer like any of the bands I liked in high school, and have progressed to heavy metal. I've started to say things like "bands were so much better in the '80s. That's when people had talent and didn't just lip synch!" Apparently, I've forgotten about Milly Vanilly.

4) I had to go buy reading glasses. Yes, no longer are contacts enough! I can no longer properly focus my eyes under my own steam. I have to admit, I'm not too broken up about it because my reading glasses are sexy and magenta. But, STILL.

5) I can no longer enjoy cheap booze, shoes, or clothing. I know the difference now. There is no going back. I'll miss you, Zima, Target, and $.99 flip flops!

My last confession?

I love being an adult! I feel like I'm entering the very best years of my life (i.e. everything after college.). WOOT!

What are your truths this Tuesday? ;)


Dawn Embers said...

I have the aching bones and weather thing! I'm only 25 but have arthritis in my back.

Truth: I'm dating someone I never expected to date, even though I find myself very open in general. Race was never an issue to me but it still is a little bit of a surprise.

Daisy Whitney said...

Hee hee I still love bands I dug in high school!

And thanks for reading and enjoying my 1000 true fans post at Lisa and Laura's blog!

Karen Denise said...

OMG! I'm 37 and you sound older than me-lol. But I'm with you on judging young people by their hair and fashion! "Pull up your pants, young man!"
Love the list!

Tara said...

"Apparently, I've forgotten about Milli Vanilli"

ROFL! Wait, only 30? You're too young for them--and 80's music!!

Good for you, growing up and all. I'm closing in on 40 and I'm heading backwards. I find myself liking harder music then in my 20's and wanting to do crazier things, by far.

Tara said...

Okay, normally I don't PS to correct myself, but than/then is one of my own big pet peeves *cringe*

Tess said...

Yes! It is the best time of life. enjoy it while we can, I say :)

Anonymous said...

I was crowd surfing on the outer ring of a mosh pit and fell and hurt my shoulder. Now, it aches when it rains :)

I like your blog. I'll be back.


Rebecca Knight said...

Dawn: Ohhh, arthritis doesn't sound like fun :(. I'm only 27... but still.

Daisy: Any time! :D Thanks for stopping by!

Karen: LOL--I know, it's just wrong.

Tara: Hey, I was a child in the 80s, I'll have you know ;). I remember listening to Milly Vanilly when I was six.

Tess: I will! Being an adult is waaaaay more fun.

Christi: Another mosh pit injury! Thanks for stopping by, and sharing my pain ;). I'm glad you like the blog!

Anonymous said...

LOL! You're that person cracked me up!

I don't understand this, see I'm 21and yet I know all of these things you're talking about! The 80's bands rocked, Milly Vanilly was caught, I used to drink Zima's back in the days, and the deal with the haircuts--some I like, but it's usually band members I see online!

It's good you enjoy being all grown up, I don't think it's hit me quite yet--and I'm married! lol!

Scott said...

Welcome to my world. Unfortunately, I've been there a bit longer than you. I dislocated my knee in my 20s. Who knew that event would allow me to predict the weather?? Oh, and when you turn 30, you're going to sneeze one day and your back will go out. Trust me on that one. Ah, the joys of getting older! Ha!

Ann said...

Embrace and Enjoy. It is only a number after all.

Time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Tere Kirkland said...

Ah, yes, cheap booze and shoes. You won't be missed. ;)

Rebecca Knight said...

Sara: You're just a wee babe! The awesomeness of being a grown up takes a while to sink in fully :). Apparently.

Scott: LOL! You'll be the first to know if I experience the sneeze trauma ;).

Ann: Yay! I will!

Tere: Seriously. I can't even handle shoes from Payless any more, and that used to be my favorite store :(. My wallet is sad that I know better.

Elana Johnson said...

Great post! I so remember Milly Vanilly. LOLOLOL!

Lydia Kang said...

"Kids these days, ugh!"