Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tagged: A Special Tell the Truth Tuesday!

I was Tagged by my friend and fellow blogger Abby Annis! Per the rules, I have to complete the following sentences, and then tag three people in return:

I like comfortable clothing

I like eating corn and mushrooms straight from the can

I like collecting shot glasses from different countries

I like Indian sarees and wish I could rock one without getting strange looks

I like tiny oragami

I like 80s my little ponies. I had one w/ an innertube shaped like a frog! It floated in my bath tub and was completely awesome

I like shower crayons

I like unsweetened black tea

I like reading books on my phone

I like petting my cat and staring off into space (it's very relaxing)

I like climbing my stairs on all fours

I like combing my hair now that it's long. I feel like the little mermaid with her dinglehopper.

I love the cool people I've met from writing and blogging!

Today was a long day at work, but fairly relaxed. I'll take it.

I hate it when characters in books assume stupid things and act like morons based purely on assumptions. Communication, people!

I hate unrealistic dialogue in movies

I hate parachute pants, especially if they have neon designs on them

I hate rat tail hairstyles

I hate aspertame

I hate drinking out of glasses that are uncomfortably wide for my hand

I hate filing (so. much.), but I love being organized

I hate dusting and vacuuming

I (secretly) like *whispers* Enya... don't tell!!

I love rack of lamb. Sorry, lambs! Why must you be so delicious???

So, now it's your turn! I want to get to know some of the newer followers on my blog, so here are my picks:

Ampara Ortiz

Darlyn Herradura

Lydia Kang

Cool blogs, you guys! :)


Christine Fonseca said...

Hey Becca - I like *whispers* Enya too!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

How fun!

The coolest origami I'v seen was of the tiny variety. We were at a sushi place, and the owner came out with 3 tiny little origami birds for my toddler. Love black tea as well, though with a splash of milk ;)

Now a follower!

Lydia Kang said...

OMG. I agree with way to many of these. Like the lamb. And Enya. And dusting. And...
Thanks for the tag! Happy Tuesday!

Ann said...

Why is liking Enya a secret? A good Irish woman like her! Loved your list. I am with you on the dusting and vacuuming. People can write epistles on my furniture!

Tere Kirkland said...

Mmm, fuzzy, delicious lambs...



Elana Johnson said...

Very fun answers, Rebecca! I'm not a fan of rat tail hairstyles either. Ha!

Amparo Ortiz said...

Such a fun post! Let me just say that I'm totally out of the closet when it comes to my love for Enya. *turns beet red*
Thanks for the tag, girl!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Very interesting post..I enjoyed it!

Rebecca Knight said...

I never imagined all the Enya love out there! :D I used to get made fun of all the time about that. Now, I feel like I'm among my own people... ;) Love it!

Darlyn said...

LOL. What are rat tail hairstyles exactly? I guess I'll have to google them...

Thanks for tagging me. :)