Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Writers' Forums & Things To Come!


... or else.

(don't those newsies look like they want to beat you up?)

Anyway, I have exciting news for all of you fellow wanna-be authors out there :). There's a *new* and exciting place to hear about publishing news, interact with a cool agent, and get query critiques!

This week, beloved agent Nathan Bransford added FORUMS to his agent website and blog. Yes, now we can cyber stalk him in style, and on his own turf, too! (Restraining order sold separately.)

I went over there today to start helping out w/ the queries, and there are some cool and talented people there already. Go! Sign up! Strangely enough, my user name is RebeccaKnight. Let's hang out :).

In other news, I'll be posting and interview I did with author Lisa Dale on Monday! I read and loved her most recent book, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (women's fiction/contemporary romance), and now have her debut, SIMPLE WISHES on my Christmas list.

Also, don't forget to enter your ideas for my Deal With the Universe contest by midnight this Friday! I'll pick my favorite three and let you guys vote on what I'll have to do *when* (fingers crossed) I get my first book deal.

Any news to share on your end? :)


Lisa and Laura said...

HA! Love those newsies. How cool about Nathan! I hadn't heard he added forums. That's going to be a great resource for writers!

christine said...

Very very cool!

Daisy Whitney said...

Forums! I think Nathan has more than 24 hours in his day! He must live in some secret time warp with double the time of normal people!

Scott said...

I think your Deal of the Universe should be . . . posting the absolute worst, worst, worst picture of you ever taken!

I have the perfect one of me, that I wish my mother would burn!! Two words: 80s Perm!! Yes, it was bad, so very bad, and the sad thing is my sisters both had really big curly perms at the same time. Boy, weren't we a sight in that Christmas picture. Ugghhhh!


Rebecca Knight said...

LiLa: I totally agree! Between that, query tracker, and blogs, I may never write again ;)!

Christine: I'm excited, too :D.

Daisy: Seems like the only logical explanation to me, too!

Scott: AHAHA. Okay, that is quite the visual image ;). This is a great deal with the Universe. I have some really *special* photos from my youth. Thanks!