Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Wrong With Naked?

Today, I embarked on an adventure. I let a stranger touch my naked body. WHAT?! you say? Okay, it's nothing seedy. I got my first massage!

Now, I mention this because I'm a shy person. I don't get "naked." I get nervous in a bathing suit, people. But today, I said "What the hell" and stripped down in the name of relaxation.

It was awesome.

As I was lying there, getting more and more comfortable in a situation that terrified me not long ago, I started thinking about our writing lives.

Aren't we daring to get naked when we put our work out there? Doesn't it feel like putting it all out there and waiting nervously to see if anyone will laugh? Or point? Or ooh and ahh ;)?

It's a leap of faith that leaves us at our most exposed. After all, once the book is out there, there's no getting it back. It's out there for good. Hangin' in the wind.

As I was lying under the sheet tonight, I realized I was strangely comfortable, and glad I took the leap of faith. The massage was a great experience--and would have been VERY different if I'd chickened out and kept my pants on.

So, what do you guys think? Are you ready to get naked? Book-wise, I mean? ;)

Are you ready to take that leap of faith and leave yourself exposed?


Abby Annis said...

I'm about to get naked, because I got my first partial request today!! Totally freaked, but so excited. :)

I haven't had a massage in years, but they are the best.

Great post!

Pen said...

Lol! Great comparison. And the more we put it all out the the easier it gets - now that is a scary thought!

Rebecca Knight said...

Go, Abby! Let it all hang out ;)!

Pen, you're right. That IS sort of terrifying ;). Oh, well!

Lisa and Laura said...

We went to the spa last weekend and indulged in massages as well Ah-mazing. It had been a few years since my last massage and you forget just how wonderful it is.

Michelle Gregory said...

don't hate me, but i get one every other week... in my home... for the last 7 years... for health reasons. and yes, i have gotten naked by putting a book out there. it's never easy.

Tere Kirkland said...

Never had a massage, but I love the analogy! It is sort of scary putting your work out there.

Maybe after I send out my next batch of queries, I'll treat myself to a massage. I'll need one to calm me down!

Rebecca Knight said...

LiLa: You guys deserve it! I'm glad you indulged a little ;).

Michelle: NICE! I think I might try to do it more often, too.

Tere: It is scary putting yourself out there. You definitely deserve to treat yourself during the querying process!

Kat Harris said...

This is a spot-on comparison.

Great post!

ElanaJ said...

Oh, holy crap. Now I'm really nervous! But I love massages. They ARE awesome.