Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday: Halloween Costume!

This week, my only work in progress is my Halloween costume (okay, okay.. and some editing.)

I'm going this year as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica! It will be awesome. SO SAY WE ALL!

I have a short blonde wig, pants, boots, bottom tank top, and the beginnings of a huge "Top Gun" beer stein that I'll be carrying around. I'm going to be authentic down to the anger issues (well, as authentic as one can be on a budget.)

The funny thing is, I'm not even going anywhere. I'm going to work this way, and then answering the door and traumatizing young children all night long. I just wouldn't feel right doing it without a costume. This is definitely one of my all time favorite holidays.

So, I ask you, gentle readers:

What are you being/doing for Halloween??

Bonus points for showing us pictures of your costume!


Abby said...

Cool! You'll have to post a picture so we can see. :) As you know, I love Halloween, but I don't usually dress up. So, I'm being the mom. Boring, I know.

Amanda Acton said...

In South Africa, Halloween isn't really a big deal. The most that happens is highschool kids having dress-up house parties and the university students heading out to themed nite club events. Trick or Treating is a myth that happens "only in the movies." :P

Me? I'll be doing neither. After all, midnight is the start of NaNo, I have to start scribbling madly!!!

Simon Kewin said...

Frakkin' excellent!

Scott said...

I love Halloween. This year we're going to a play at the performing arts center, and then out to the bar afterwards. There's nothing, nothing that beats Halloween at the bar we go to. OMG! The costumes are always fantastic. Last year, creepy Burger King with the big head kept stalking us. I don't like those Burger King commercials. They freak me out . . . which is what happened when Burger King kept staring at me from across the bar. Turns out, it was a friend of mine. I told him he could pay for the therapy sessions. : )

Have fun on Halloween, and great costume idea.


Lisa and Laura said...

I'm so anti-Halloween costumes. I just hate dressing up. Sad, right? I'm such a party pooper.

Anyways, have fun being festive!

Badass Geek said...

I'm going as an unshaven, slightly overweight mid-20's guy with a bad haircut.

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, do you have a stub of cigar, weird green booze (think Midori) and fake dogtags? Awesome costume.

I'm a zombie by default this year to participate in a Guinness record at Voodoo festival on Saturday.

What do ya hear, Starbuck? ;)

Rebecca Knight said...

Abby: You can be a mom who's also a serial killer :). They look just like everybody else!

Amanda: That's interesting to hear about S.A. :D! Also, best of luck w/ NaNo--keep us posted!

Simon: Frakk yah!

Scott: I'm going to have nightmares just reading about that. Here's to your friends! :)

LiLa: What?? But you could both go as your D-bag-o-meter and Spencer Pratt. Perfect couple costume!

Badass: Truly terrifying.

Tere: *Nothing but the rain!* Also, I will totally have a cigar and fake dog tags, and now that you mention it, should look into the booze ;). Thanks!

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, Abby can be Serial Mom. Remember that John Waters winner?

Just get some bloody scissors and a twinset and practice saying "pussy willows" like Kathleen Turner. ;)

Becca: Grab yer gun and bring in the cat. Boom, boom, boom!

Yes, I am a huge Battlestar dork, in case you couldn't tell.