Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Dialogue Only!

My brain is fried right now when it comes to revising my manuscript, and my lovely friends over at QueryTracker suggested writing something else...anything else to get the juices flowing again.

So I decided to take part in Elana J's Dialogue Smackdown Extreme Scene Challeeeeenge! (as said by the "let's get ready to RUMBLE!" guy). Woo hoo!

On her blog Tuesday Elana threw down the Gauntlet o' Gab and challenged us to write a scene using all (or mostly) dialogue.

Well, BOOYAH GRANDMA! I'm up to the challenge!

Here is my entry below, touchingly entitled "You've Stolen my Heart, and it's Still Beating."


“Me want braaaaaaaaaaaaains,” said Ted, lifting a flaking hand up to paw at the struggling man beneath his knees.

“Me also want braaaaains,” said Nancy. Their whitened eyes met over the accountant’s sweating forehead.

“You… you like brains, too?”

“Yes. Yes me also like brains great deaaaaal.”

If Ted had a pulse, it would have quickened.

“You come to here ofteeeen?”

“Braaaaaaaains here. Just found place. Blood smell from fat man goooood.”

Ted nodded, shaking his dangling ear loose. It hit the accountant in the face and he screeched.

“Fat man taste better.”

“Yes, fat goooood.”

“You eat first braaaaains.” Ted cracked a winning smile, a trickle of blood glistening on his purple lips.
“Ohhhhhh, no. No, you eat brains. You hold him down first. Brains for youuu.”

“Um, excuse me,” the accountant said. “Um, would you two like to be alone?”

“You eat braaaaains. I insiiiiist.”

“You sweet. Sweet like braaaaaaains.” Nancy touched his hand, her yellowing nails scratching him lightly.

“You smell nice. Nicer than fat man.”

They leaned forward, crushing the accountant in a shambling embrace.

Awwww... Zombie Love! Is there any greater force in the universe?

So, now I'd like to see yours if you're wo/man enough to try it! ;)



Abby said...

This is hilarious! Funny that you're brain dead and you're writing about brains. Hmm. I guess you're probably safe. At least until your brain comes back to life. :)

I'm gonna enter too, but I haven't decided yet what I want to submit. Probably should get going on that.

Anonymous said...

LOL...that's the way to get your "brain" working again...WOO HOO!!!

Rebecca Knight said...

Okay, believe it or not I hadn't connected "braindead" to "zombie" yet. LOL! I'm cracking up over here!

Danyelle said...


I've been surrounded by zombies of late. ;-)

Rebecca Knight said...

RUN AWAAAY! Don't let the zombies surround you! That's how they get ya!

Abby said...

I posted mine in the comments on Elana's blog and on my blog.

I'm afraid all will pale in comparison to yours. Zombie love will overcome all. :)

Rebecca Knight said...

Ooh, I love yours! And nothing can pale in comparison to zombies. I think they're about as pale as you can get ;).

Abby said...

I was dying laughing at your comment, and my husband called me a dork. So rude. He just doesn't understand the subtleties of zombie humor. :)

Eric said...

This is hilarious, particularly because of how easily I can see the scene. Nice job.

Rebecca Knight said...

Thanks, Eric. :) I appreciate you stopping by!