Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book? What is this... "book" you speak of?

I found this comic today, and I had to share:


What do you guys think about the new Kindle coming out, and all of the hoopla in the publishing world over e-books?

The end of publishing as we know it?

Or a brave new world, where you put your e-reader in a ziploc baggy to read in the tub?


Danyelle said...


E-books can be good things--especially during travel. I'll never give up real books, but I can see why so many people like e-books.

Abby said...

Thanks for the laugh :)

I can see the upside of e-books (definitely not the price), but I don't think that regular books will ever go away completely.

And even with the plastic bag, I'd problem still manage to electrocute myself. I'm very talented that way.

Anonymous said...

Brave New World, Man...I LOVE THE KINDLE!!! I still think there will always be a place for traditionally published books...but we'd be stupid not to embrace this...especially those of us who write for the younger generation that CRAVES everything digital!

Rebecca Knight said...

I always drop my books in the tub (poor books), so I'd have to agree that I'll probably be electrocuted :P.

But I am MESMERIZED by the Kindle and will absolutely get one once the price goes down a bit. Shiny new toys! Plus, you can get books immediately... which I love.

Waiting sucks, especially when you have nothing to read ;).