Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goals, and the Art of Not Going Crazy

Well, I've been at this about 7-ish weeks, and I thought it was high time to share not only what short term goals I've set for myself, but about how this whole crazy "indie publishing" thing was really going.

I decided at the beginning, that the only way to not get overexcited or overly nervous was to set small, achievable goals for myself :).

My overall first goal was to sell 100 e-books.  I've heard several places that most people who self publish never make it to 100 sales and then quit in despair.  If I pass that 100 book mark, I'll know for sure I've beaten at least some of the odds and am doing something right.  However, if I can count all my sales on two hands, I've got problems.

My other goal after releasing Legacy of the Empress, was to sell 30 of those alone in the first month.

From haunting the Kindle Boards, I've learned that some folks only make 1 sale their first month, while others make 10-50.  I figured 30 was a good, challenging, but not overly ridiculous goal to set.  My stretch goal was 50.

So, how am I doing so far?

As of this afternoon, I've sold 90 e-books total, most of those sales coming in the past 2 weeks.  I've also sold 21 copies of Legacy in two weeks, so I'm on track to beat 30 sales.

So far I've made approximately $76.

I'll keep you updated as I go, because I want to be as transparent with this process as possible.

It was other authors sharing their numbers that led me on this path in the first place, and if I can help other writers out by sharing, then that's what I'm going to do :).

I hope this is helpful, and I can't wait to celebrate with you guys when I hit that 100 book mark!  After that, who knows?

What are your goals for your writing?  What keeps you going along the long and lonely road?


Rebecca said...

As much as I would love to read your book, I haven't joined the ebook revolution yet.

The description is intriguing, though. It sounds like something I would love to read. And you've got a couple of good reviews on Amazon. Good luck!

Rebecca Knight said...

Thanks, Rebecca! :D And no worries at all. I appreciate the love!

Jim Franz said...

You wrote that you hope this post is helpful; let me assure you that it is! I hope to release two books in the next month. It's great to see real numbers from people who are ahead of me, and to learn what appropriate expectations may be.

Thanks for sharing!

Jolene Perry said...

Way cool! I'm always following how people do with self-publishing. Pretty awesome!