Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Work In Progess Wednesday: Blog Party!

Yep, you heard right. We're having a party on my blog today, so virtual beers are on me!

My in-laws have been staying at my house for a few days, so I have no new progress to report and need to get my booty to work tonight. Because of this, I want to hear what YOU are working on and get to know you all a little better.

Now is your chance to sidle up, grab a cold one and a lounge chair, and get to know the other people following this blog.

What do you love to read/write?

What is your current project?

Give us your best pitch ;)!

Do you blog?

What is your favorite way to deal with rejection?

Enjoy the party, and try not to break anything while I'm gone, you crazy kids!


Scott said...

What, no margaritas? I haven't I taught you anything??? : )

Love to Read - mainly fantasy, but give me a Carol Goodman mystery any day, Mary Higgins Clark, oh, and I love Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum.

Love to Write - once upon a time it was fantasy, but in recent years it's more mainstream (here/now) fiction.

Current Project - out to query is Margarita Nights, in editing phase is Wicked Games, and currently writing is It's Not a Wonderful Life (title subject to change).

Do I blog? - silly, silly question. I blog far too much for my own good and follow far too many blogs, which may be why I drink margaritas! ; )

Rejection - "the agent just wasn't right for me" is my standard phrase when the rejection letter (or no response) happens.


shield maiden said...

oooh! I'd love to have something to drink! So what's on tap?

What do you love to read/write:

I read almost anything but my main "loves" is fantasy. I'm starting to get my hands dirty science fiction and am starting to love that too!

I write what I love, which is fantasy and science fiction.

What is your current project:

I have three at the moment. I'm currently revising The Dragon's Daughter (YA fantasy). Vampyres: Project Melaina (sci-fi based off of a Norse myth) is only at the concept stage. My last work doesn't even have a title. It's going to be a spoof on traditional fantasy (but in a very loving and fun way!).

Give us your best pitch ;):

Ummm...I don't have one at the moment.

Do you blog:

Yes, I try my best. I probably read more blogs than I write but I have a couple I like to update when I get the chance. I have a writing blog called "Beyond the Event Horizon" and a gaming blog called "Asserting Reality".

What is your favorite way to deal with rejection:

Haven't been there yet. I'll get back to you on that one!

Rebecca Knight said...

Well, I just started up the blender for Scott ;), and we have a wide variety of microbrews for Shield Maiden. Enjoy!

I love hearing about your projects--this is awesome!

TereLiz said...

Mmm, a cold one. Partay! (Did you know I'm turning 30 today? I needed a drink!) Hope the in-laws are treating you well.

What do I love to read/write? Mostly YA fantasy and sci-fi. The more unlikely the story, the more likely I am to like it. Can't wait to pick up Pretties and Specials this weekend. ;)

What is my current project? Untitled YA Paranormal. It's a ghost story of sorts.

My best pitch? I'm terrible at this, but here goes:
A ghost-seeing girl with a violin searches for her childhood friend at a Parisian Music Hall, hoping that the next time she sees him he'll still be alive...

My blog is a writing blog called the Lesser Key.

What is my favorite way to deal with rejection? Looking at emails requesting partial and reading compliments of my work. I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but it keeps me going. Better than saying the word subjective so many times it loses all semblance of meaning. ;)

Thanks for the e-beer, Bec! See ya later.

TereLiz said...

LOL, since you've broke out the blender, think I can get a pina colada? ;)

Rebecca Knight said...

Hells yes, Birthday Girl! *hands Tere pina w/ umbrella* Hope you're off to do something fun this weekend ;).

cipherqueen said...

What do you love to read/write? Fantasy, Sci-fi. If it has music, cryptology, jewelry, or magic in it I'm hooked.

What is your current project? When Fire Burns Black, swords and dragons fantasy

Give us your best pitch ;)! Still thinking of one!

Do you blog?

What is your favorite way to deal with rejection? Revise my query letter, eat sweets..
As for the drinks...I'm too young, so I'll stick with water, thanks. :)

Rebecca Knight said...

Water is always good! Or I can mix you up a virgin daiquiri ;).

When Fire Burns Black is an awesome title, by the way! I love swords & dragons.

ElanaJ said...

I live for YA speculative fiction. That's what I read/write.

Current project I'm querying: Control Issues.
Current project I'm writing: Dying to Live

Pitch? I don't play baseball. ;-)

I blog. I live to blog. Breathe to blog. Love it. Need it. Crave it.

Deal with rejection? You mean there's a way to deal with rejection???? Spill, girl!

Rebecca said...

Hi Rebecca! Love your blog. I'll be back often (and not just 'cause you have such an awesome name).

I love to read speculative fiction (like The Giver, Unwind, and more fantasy-type stories like Inkheart). I love to write it too, though I also write picture books and poetry.

My current big project is a novel in verse titled Sharra's War.

Best pitch? This is the hardest part about writing! I don't have a good pitch ready, but I'll try. Sharra's War is a coming of age story about a girl's quest to save her family and her country from an invading army. The invading warriors want her for her unique ability to communicate with animals--a gift Sharra has only begun to discover. After escaping from her captors, Sharra sets out on a dangerous journey home, making unexpected allies on the way. The closer she gets to home, the more she understands her gift and she begins to work out a plan to turn use it against her enemies. (I'll have to work on that)

Yes, I blog. Mainly about this crazy writing journey of mine.

My favorite way to deal with rejection is to send a story out again. Or send a new story out if the rejected one has been rejected enough to warrant revisions.

Anonymous said...

I'm the late comer to the party - but here it goes:

I read anything and everthing. Lately I've been reading YA cause I write it, but my interests are wide.

My current project is a YA urban fantasy and I'm having a blast with it.

Rejection is a hard thing toget used to. I modeled when I was young, so you'd think I'd have gotten used to it...but NOPE. Thank goodness for my friends - it is the only way I get through it.

No pitch to share...

And yep, I blog...

Diane said...

I am only up to blogging. Aspiring to do more eventually!