Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life In Progress Thursday: Pics!

Happy Thursday! Sorry I wasn't able to post these sooner (busy week with my inlaws visiting), but here by popular demand are my pictures from Maui.

I figure since I couldn't put you all into suitcases and smuggle you there, this is the next best thing. Especially since airport security tends to get suspicious when your bags are breathing heavily.

Here's the view from our room. One word: Craigslist! We rented a condo over craigslist, and it was better than a hotel and much, much less expensive. Hooray!

Here are some of the crazy lava formations we saw when we were there. It was like being on an asteroid. Bizarre, no?

Here is the cove where my husband and I saw some huge freaking morey eels while snorkling. They were about 5 feet long, a half foot thick, and reminded me of flotsam and jetsam from The Little Mermaid :). I wanted to take them home and have them do my evil bidding.

Hana Highway made me wonder if dinosaurs might live there. It was prehistoric rainforest beauty nonstop. Plus, I had the best, freshest, warmest banana bread of my life at a little town along the way. Mmmm, banana breaaaad...

Speaking of food, this was my last breakfast in Maui, courtesy of McDonalds. Spam, eggs, and white rice w/ soy sauce. Local-tastic! (Seriously, though, the Spam was surprisingly good.)

I'm pretty sure pirates stop here on their way to Tortuga.

Here I am tired but happy on the way to the airport.

I'll miss it, but I'm glad to be home. My last day there some poisonous seaweed stung me in... let's just say my "swimsuit area." That doesn't happen here, so there's something to be said for the Pacific Northwest ;).

Have you guys done anything fun this summer? Any blog pics you'd like to link to and share?

Lay 'em on me!


Tess said...

beautiful pics - I especially love the pirate cove. There's a story in there somewhere...

Lisa and Laura said...

Fabulous pics! You look so pretty in the last picture. I've never been to Hawaii, so I'm totally jealous.

Stephanie said...'s on our list of "someday trips!!! And I loved the Little Mermaid fav Disney movie!!

Abby said...

Awesome pics! I'm so jealous! Glad you had fun! :D

Rebecca Knight said...

Tess--haha, I totally agree!

Lisa/Laura--You guys are so sweet! (and you can pick up your check later) ;).

Stephanie--now I have "Under the Sea" stuck in my head. I love that movie, too. I wanted to be Ariel when I was a kid :D.

Abby--I totally did. And the fun continues this week as I peel my husband's back. He got waaaaay more sunburned than I did. Poor guy. Lol.