Sunday, July 12, 2009

Facebook and Twitter

Hi, All!

I have finally gotten over my Technology Fears and have joined both Twitter and Facebook. Please come friend/follow/stalk me :D. I'd love to hear from you guys!

Also, please feel free to warn me about any newbie faux pas now. I will commit all of them otherwise. Probably twice.

Facebook: Rebecca Knight from Vancouver, WA

Twitter: @twoheadknight

What do you guys think of social networking sites? Do you enjoy them? Hate them?

I'd love to hear your opinions, and what you use the different sites for.



cipherqueen said...

Even though I'm a kid, I'm still a little behind in the times, so I neither use nor understand Twitter, Facebook, etc. Blogger itself is a little confusing to me- but I'm hanging in there. Still hoping to become more 'modern' after high school. :)

Rebecca Knight said...

I'm still trying to "get it," too ;). We live in strange times!