Monday, September 12, 2011

Get out the Vote! What's YOUR Favorite Title?

Hi, guys!

Thanks for bearing with me lately on the blogging.  Life has been crazy around here, with family emergencies, work, and a flurry of visiting relations.

Now that it's fall things should be settling down, which makes it the perfect time for writing, and of course, blogging!

Now, I owe you guys a vote!

Several awesome blog followers entered my Name that E-Book Contest, submitting possible titles for the new Fairytale Assassin adventure for the chance at a free copy, a dedication in the e-book, and a $15 Amazon giftcard.

Well, it's time to vote for your favorite, my friends :).  Here are my top three picks for my tale, based on the Rumplestiltskin story:
  1. Greed
  2. Avarice
  3. Spun Gold
So, you tell me!

What's the best name, and who is our lucky winner?  Please leave your votes in the comments, and support Kimmy and Nichole, our two finalists!


Above is a sneak peak at the cover for the next Fairytale Assassin story, coming soon!  Woo hooo!

1 comment:

Scarlett 77 said...

I'm a "wordy" so I really like "Avarice". But for the playful"Spun Gold" would be better.