Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cha cha cha Changes! Adjusting to My Weird, New Life.

So, now that I've gotten what I wish for, it's bizarre adjusting to this new life. I thought to share some of the Weird I've been adjusting to, I'd share a list of Working From Home Pros That Are Also Cons :).

1A) I get to work in my PJs!

This is awesome. I get up when my husband leaves for work, smooch him goodbye, then just hang around in my pajamas. It's a personal choice whether or not to put on Real Pants. This is new and exciting. There's nothing I love more than comfy clothing, so this is a major benefit in my new career path.

1B) I'm allowed to stay in my PJs.

It's strangely difficult to do anything productive when you're schleppin' around in your pajama bottoms and a hoody with no time restraints or places to be. Ooh, is Iron Chef on Netflix? Ooh, check out those birds nesting in my yard! Ooh, a new Youtube video of an adorable panda sneezing.

Oh, wait... I guess I should probably write something... Maybe it's time to put pants on.

2A) I get to cook for myself! 

Screw you fast food. Screw you in the eye. I'm done with you and your easy-but-crappy breakfast and lunch choices. I have options now, and they include making myself delicious fresh eggs and bacon every morning. Woo hoooo!

2B) I love cooking now.

And time looking up new things to make for lunch today and riding my bike to the store to get ingredients is time that I'm not actually writing. Damn you, delicious, fresh food! *shakes fist*

3A) I have more time to help around the house!

Yaaay! Now I can finally do all of those chores I've been putting off for the last few days years. Awesome! After all, those curtains won't dust themselves.

3B) I have more time to help around the house.



Overall it's awesome, but I'm definitely figuring out what works as far as a steady routine and what makes Becca an Unproductive Citizen.

Rule #1: Put on Real Pants.

After that, the rest just falls into place :).


McKenzie McCann said...

During my long school breaks when I'm practically a full-time writer, my sleeping hours get crazy. I'll stay up for twenty hours or so, sleep for ten, work for five, take a nap, stay up another twenty, etc.

Anonymous said...

You definitely have to find your own set of rules to keep yourself productive. But you also have permission to set new rules (even if they go against what we consider "normal") if that's what it takes to get the job done.

I'm curious to know if you've been doing much marketing, or like Throwaway Writer, you're just concentrating on creating content.

Michelle McLean said...

Yep, I've learned that if I don't get up and dressed before I get my kids off to school, my day often goes down the drain of unproductiveness. Treating writing like an actual job works best for me (though it's so easy to slack off can lol)

Good luck and congrats!